Maitland Falls

In Sanctuary Wood

Dionne Quintuplet House, Callander

Autumn Patterns

Untitled, from the Road to Isles Series


Untitled, Depicting the Bayfield Pier


Winter Blown

Goderich Lighthouse

Fall Trees in the Laurentians

Pfrimmer’s Grist Mill, Benmiller

Snow Pattern, Bayfield, 1970



From of a Series of Seven Works on the Mythical Origin of the St. Lawrence River

Lavender + Pink Asters, Clematis + Spray of Chokeberries

Snow Fence


Benmiller Falls, 1968

Louise Pfrimmer’s House, Benmiller

The Georgia Straits, BC

Untitled, Depicting the Willis Farm on Lucknow Line


Untitled Still Life

Thrashing Machine, Blyth

Todd Morden

Still Life


Hindmarsh Family on Sleigh

Goderich Lighthouse



Untitled, Depicting Neil and Friends Tobogganing


River Hotel

The Beach, Bayfield, Huron County

Untitled, Depicting the CP Trestle at Goderich

Sunset 4th Concession, Benmiller

Self Portrait

Fishing Boats Winter Berth, Bayfield

Albion Hotel

Bayfield Town Hall

On the Beach at Tobermory

Mount Fitzwilliam, Jasper, Alta.

The Laurentians

God’s River, Manitoba

Still Life


Haliburton, 1962

Untitled, Depicting the Benmiller Mill

Reflected Light

Moonlight on the Maitland River, 1968

Untitled, Depicting a Deserted Farm at McGaw, 1970

Water Study

The Skipping Rope

Madawaska Valley


Georgian House, Carlow, Built By Col. Varcoe, 1850

Madawaska Valley

Barn and Silo in Summer Sunlight

Montreal Market

River at Benmiller

Madawaska Valley

Sheep on Skye


Sundown on Lake Huron

Village Market

Untitled, Depicts Benmiller From Far Side of Bridge

The Wave

Benmiller, Late 1960s

Long Shadows Back Road

Untitled, Depicting Fence Posts on the Clinton to Bayfield Road

Western Highlands, Scotland

Flowers in a Window

Gothic House – Varcoe House, 1868



Horseshoe Lake

From of a Series of Seven Works on the Mythical Origin of the St. Lawrence River

The Quartet

Portrait of C.W. Jefferys, Noted Historical Illustrator and Arts and Letters Club President, Circa 1924

Untitled, Possibly Part of the St. Lawrence Series

Untitled, Depicting Bayfield



Gledhills Woollen Mill

Ypres, Belgium

Spitfires Mark IXE

H.M.C.S. Saskatchewan World War II – Exploding Charge She Has Dropped

Caricature of Yousuf Karsh

Portrait of Jack McLaren

Turner, Harold