About the Project

The Henderson Digitization Project is a one-year, grant-funded project to digitize a collection of images documenting the history of WWII air training in Huron County, Ontario. Project work was completed between April 2013 and March 2014. All photographs featured in this project were taken by Goderich photographer J. Gordon Henderson and represent a small part of the large collection of Henderson’s professional work held at the Archives at the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol.

By digitizing the collection, publishing it online, and developing educational programs, we aim to increase awareness of J. Gordon Henderson, the Archives at the Huron County Museum, and Huron County’s role in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. This project also serves as a model for developing future digital collections at the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol. Funding for the Henderson Digitization Project provided by the Government of Ontario.

The views expressed by the Henderson Digitization Project are the views of the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province.

Project Direction: Meighan Wark, Director, Cultural Services

Project Management, Cataloguing, Research, and Education Programs: Jenna Leifso, Archives Research Assistant

Digitization, Metadata Wrangling, and Website Coordination: Emily Beliveau, Digital Archives Assistant, County IT Liaisons, Marian Doucette, Mike Mason, Jacob Stevens.

Text Editors: Jennifer Zoethout and Claire Carter

Special thanks to:

Barbara Hainsworth, for supporting the project and sharing memories of her father, J. Gordon Henderson.

Mike McLean, for sharing extensive and enthusiastic research contributions related to No. 12 EFTS, Sky Harbour.

Reg Thompson and Elaine Blair at the Huron County Library for research support and compiling the annotated entries in Additional Resources.

Jeremy Allin, for creating the audio clips in the Media section.

The Henderson Project Revisited

In 2021, Thanks to a grant given to us by Young Canada Works heritage sites, the Henderson gallery was transferred to a new website and 203 more images from the Henderson collection were digitized.

Michael Molnar - Project Supervisor

Sinead Cox - Supervisor

Jacob Stevens - BTS and platform developer

Livia Picado Swan - Data transfer and digitization