Front side of correspondence between Mr. Henderson and Betty Fisher

Date: April 1945
Dimensions: 25.5 x 16 cm
Item #: A992.0003.201a.front

Front side of letter to Mr. J. G. Henderson from Betty Fisher, April 6, 1945 regarding her wedding pictures. Letter outlines how many prints she would like and what colour they are to be tinted.


[Transcript of full letter shown in images A992.0003.201a-front and A992.0003.201a-back]

Londesboro, Ont.  Apr. 6, 1945  Mr. J. G. Henderson, Goderich, Ont.;  

Dear Mr. Henderson:  

We have decided on the following:  

1. Five pictures of the 4 of us, and we would like two of these to be tinted.   2. Eighteen pictures of the 2 of us and we would like three  

[Page] 2. of these tinted. 3. Three pictures of the bride alone -- each of these tinted.  

Here are the colours we wore also: Bridesmaid -- powder blue dress with pink lace at neck & sleeves. Pink flowers and blue veil in her hair. Corsage of pink roses. Sark brown shoes. White gloves. Hair is a medium brown colour and eyes are brown.  

[Page] 3. bride -- Orchid dress, orchid hat and veil. White gloves, string of pearls, corsage. Black shoes. Hair is a very light colour of brown. Eyes brown.  

Groom & Best Man - Airforce suits with silver grey shirts. Groom has black hair & moustach, brown eyes. Best man has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Could you please  

[Page] 4. send these by mail.  

I will send the money by return mail.  

Yours sincerely, Betty Fisher 

Item Type: Letter 

Creator: Betty Fisher - Author

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