Letter to Mr. Henderson from Peter D.M.

Date: 1943
Dimensions: 20 x 25.3 cm
Item #: A992.0003.460

Letter written to Mr. Henderson from Peter D.M. Withington regarding ordering pictures recently taken by Henderson. The letter was written on Royal Air Force stationary. The letter was with a negative (A992.0003.459). Transcript 1147977 Cpl. Withington M.P.O. 106 Port Albert Ontario 10.8.43 Dear Mr. Henderson Thanks a lot for sending me the proof so quickly. I think it is excellent. It is certainly the best I've ever had taken. I have one slight, very slight, grumble. Do you think you could get rid of my double chin by a little judicious re-touching? In any case, please let me have six copies. I'll be in sometime this week & I'll pick them up then, if they're ready, & also that film you promised me. Thank you again, Yours, Peter D.M. Withington

Item Type: LetterĀ 

Creator: Withington, Peter D.M. - Author