Letter to Mr. Henderson from R. L. Sykes

Date: September 19, 1943
Dimensions: 12.1 x 17.6 cm
Item #: A992.0003.472a

Letter written to Mr. Henderson from R. L. Sykes regarding ordering pictures recently taken by Henderson. The letter was written on Royal Air Force stationary. The letter (labelled a) was in an envelope (labelled b). Both were with a negative (A992.0003.471). Transcript Sgt. R.L. Sykes (R.A.F.) 31 A.N.S. Port Albert Ontario Sun. 19/9/43 Dear Sir, With regard to my order for photographs (4" x 6"); I forgot to mention to your assistant last night, when returning the proof I had chosed, that I shall be requiring only six copies & not twelve as at first indicated - on checking up I find that I can only use this quantity of a photograph of this size. Pease, therefore, amend my order accordingly. Yours faithfully, R. L. Sykes

Item Type: LetterĀ 

Creator: Sykes, R. L. - Author