M.T. Section Sky Harbour

Date: About 1940-1944
Associated Place: Sky Harbour; Goderich, Ontario; No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.
Item #: A992.0003.005

Black and white image of 8 men with some in uniform and 1 woman standing in front of some large trucks, 2 men are kneeling in front of the group. On the door of one truck "RCAF" is visible.

Back row: Murray Hardy, Andy Mugford, Mary Buchanan, Mac MacDonald, Glen Robinson, Eldon Johnson, Gordon Erwin, R.H. Griffith.

Front row: Mel Bell, Albert Vanderburgh The negative was in an envelope with 4 other negatives. On the envelope "M.T. Section Sky Harbour" was written in blue ink.

Item Type: Negative, Film 

Creator: Henderson, J. Gordon – Photographer