No. 7 Specialist N Course

Date: About 1940-1945
Associated Place: Port Albert, Ontario; No. 31 Air Navigation School
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.
Item #: A992.0003.103a

Black and white image of RAF No. 7 Specialist N Course. There are two rows of men in uniform; the back row is standing and the front row is sitting on chairs outside on a boardwalk in front a building. They all have RAF Pilot badges on their jackets. There appears to be snow on the ground. None of the men are identified.

Original negative (labelled a) accompanied by 4 sepia photographs with different exposures (labelled b - e). The photographs and negative were kept in a brown envelope with "847 RAF 37 Specialist N sec 18" written in pencil.

Item Type: Negative, Film 

Creator: Henderson, J. Gordon – Photographer