No. 8 Sky Harbour Class

Date: About 1940-1943
Associated Place: Sky Harbour; Goderich, Ontario; No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.
Item #: A992.0003.019j

Black and white image of class 8 of No. 12 Elementary Flight Training School. There are two rows of men in uniform. The back row is standing and the front row is sitting and kneeling on a runway with 4 airplanes visible in the background.

Back Row (left to right): Sinclair, Jordon, Jones, Nelson, Doherty, Newman, Cain [?], ?. Mesheaw [?]. Wynn, Bateson, Primeau, McDonald, Hughes, Chaffey, Fedigan, McIntaggart, Aikman, Naismith, Smith, Morris, Crouse.

Front Row (left to right): Farquharson, Cassidy, Norman (distinguished career night fighters), Burnette, Walker, Bishop, Gillespie, Marshall, Romey [?], McLellan, Pellst, Quinn, Hays, Phelan, Pruce.

There are 9 black and white photographs with different exposures (labelled a-i) and 2 negative (labelled j and k). The photographs and negative were in a brown envelope with "875 Sky Harbor No. 25" written in blue ink, " A 60 sec B - 40 sec Velox 7 - 1" written in pencil and "8" written in blue pencil.

Item Type: Negative, Film 

Creator: Henderson, J. Gordon – Photographer

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