Peacock, F/O

Date: About 1943
Associated Place: Sky Harbour; Goderich, Ontario; No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School
Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.
Item #: A992.0003.686a

Black and white image of five men holding rifles standing outside with two deer carcasses. Two of the men are sitting on the hood of a car. There is a woman sitting in the passenger seat.

The man on the right is wearing an RAF or RCAF uniform with rubber boots, a scarf, and a winter hat. There is an Eagle Shoulder flash and Sergeant Chevrons on his sleeve.

The second man on the right is wearing a dark jacket, sweater, scarf, and hat. The third man on the left is (sitting on the hood) is F/Lt Ross Perrin, Assistant Chief Supervisory Officer. He is wearing a jacket with an Elementary Flying Training School badge, scarf, and cap. He has a moustache.

The second man on the left is wearing a cardigan sweater with stripe details on the cuffs and down the centre. He is also wearing a hat.

The first man on the left is wearing dark coloured pants, a dark jacket with a zipper and a beret style hat.

The negative (labelled a) was accompanied by three black and white print (labelled b-d).

Item Type: Negative, Film 

Creator: Henderson, J. Gordon – Photographer

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