Date: About 1940-1945
Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.
Item #: A992.0003.722a.right

Black and white medium close up portrait of a man in RCAF uniform with an RCAF Pilot badge on his jacket. His head is tilted slightly to the left. This image is on the right-hand side of a sheet of film containing two separate exposures. The negative (labelled a) was accompanied by two black and white prints (labelled b-c). Print c corresponds to this image.

The negative was stored in an envelope with three other negatives. The names typed on the envelope are: G.M. Murray, R.E. Noakes, A.G. Walker, J.P. Fern, J. Freeman, W. Wood, O. Mura, J. Fredericks.

Item Type: Negative, Glass-Plate 

Creator: Henderson, J. Gordon – Photographer