Buying a Locomotive

Date: 1959
Associated Place: Huron County Museum, Huron County, Ontario

The costs for the purchase of the engine and moving totaled $4440.00. This total was paid by Mr. Neill, Curator. The County of Huron reimbursed Mr. Neill $3,000.00 and the local Chamber of Commerce sold shares in the locomotive at 5 lbs. for $1.00 or 25 lbs. for $5.00 in an effort to make up the difference.

To get the engine to the Museum from the CPR tracks near the harbour, "the engine was transferred to the CNR rail lines, then pulled to the upper level of Goderich, some 100 feet above the waterfront". From the CNR tracks on the edge of Goderich, it was moved down Trafalgar Street to rest along the side of the Museum property. Short sections of track, which were prefabricated by Mr. Neill and James Chisholm, were laid down in front of the engine. The train was then pulled forward by a winch truck onto the track in front of it. A hoist truck then picked up the section of track from behind the engine and moved it forward and placed it in front of the engine. Upon reaching the museum the engine was set in a permanent base of cement. A building was built around the locomotive keeping it safe from elements.