Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Comedy Company

Left: Jack McLaren as Si Perkins in "Commandeered." Perkins is a civilian was has been displaced because his apartment has been commandeered by an active military unit.

Top: "An affair of nations" P.D Ham as John Bull, J.W. McLaren as Uncle Sam, T.J. Lilly as Kaiser Bill.

Bottom: Jack McLaren surrounded by female impersonators of the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Comedy Company, Sept. 2, 1916: Front (l to r) Pte S.J. Morrison, Pte W.I. Cunningham, Pte F. Fenwick; rear (l to r) Pte T.J. Lilly, L/C J.W. McLaren, Cpl P.D. Ham, Capt. (Hon.) H.E. Pembroke.

Program from the first PPCLI Comedy Company production, 28 Aug 1916.